Taylor RubottomTaylor Rubottom is a senior spanish major at Trinity University. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Taylor has a healthy obsession with Whole Foods, swimming in the sunshine and speaking Spanish. She credits her mother Angie for her early involvement in the “girl power” world, and thanks her for inspiring a love of the outdoors and getting your hands dirty. Taylor is inspired by UpWorthy YouTube videos and a underlying belief in the goodness of humanity. She hopes to have a life filled with talking to strangers, random acts of kindness, and watching BARE have a positive impact on the world.


Leslie Green is a senior Communication major at Trinity University. She is a hard-working creative, with passion for good design, fabulous color palettes, and big ideas. Also an Austin, Texas native, Leslie is big on soaking up the sun, thrift shopping, and getting her daily dosage of workout endorphins. She’s a firm believer is always bringing your own sunshine to the party. She credits her positive relationship-based outlook on life to her mother, who always preached kindness, independence, and hard-work. As an athlete, Leslie has developed a passion for improving positive body image among her peers. She hopes BARE will spread self-love, challenge the definition of beauty, and expose the hidden rock stars in her community.

Leslie Barrett is a senior Business major concentrating in Marketing at Trinity University. She grew up in Woodbridge, Connecticut where she played soccer, developed her artistic skills and learned the importance of checking for ticks. Leslie has been a body image activist since she participated in Dr. Carolyn Becker’s Sorority Body Project in 2011. Among her many passions are comedy, wordplay, being up in the gym just working on her fitness, and spreading positivity. She believes life is too short to not be happy each day and hopes BARE can help others develop the same positive attitude and confidence in themselves that she has.


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  1. Thank you, ladies, for doing this. Today’s generation of tweens, teens, and young adults have enough on their plates. Not having to worry about self image, especially girls, gives us an opportunity to concentrate on what is really important. And just a FYI, your website is just as important to us “oldies” aka Senior Citizens! Nice job!

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